Address validation

Address management – success only with up-to-date and complete addresses
All companies have customer databases. This is where existential data is recorded. The quality of these customer databases is of fundamental importance – not just for efficient dialogue marketing. This data must be complete and up-to-date at all times. We take on your address management, supply validated records and provide you with precisely researched, targeted addresses.

Address validation – saves time and lots of money
You are not sure if your address database is up-to-date? We check your address lists by detecting duplicates and incomplete records. These are then corrected and duplicates are removed. This data maintenance can be automated and performed regularly or permanently. Additionally, we support you in adding value to your records with supplementary information. Because the basis for successful customer acquisition are targeted, verified addresses that avoid scatter losses and provide additional information. Use the advantages of an effective address validation and increase the efficiency of your promotional campaigns.

Address acquisition – validated and targeted mailing
You would like to attract new customers with your next mailing campaign, but do not have suitable address material? You can trust us to do the address acquisition for you. Using individual target group analysis, we generate the appropriate target group for you. These business addresses or private addresses are up-to-date, verified and can be enhanced with micro and socio-demographic data if desired. Making sure that your mailing campaign always reaches targeted recipients.

PREMIUMADRESS – efficient address management
As certified partner of Deutsche Post we work with PREMIUMADRESS. The delivery agents of Deutsche Post verify mailings sent using PREMIUMADRESS directly on site. Faulty or incorrect addresses are detected during this process. Subsequently your data is reliably updated or validated using database comparison and is then up-to-date for the next mailing campaign.

Address maintenance and address management – benefit from our experience
We maintain your address data and compare it with the relocation database or deceased database – to ensure that your data is always up-to-date. Of course we can also take on your address management at favourable conditions. You profit from our experience and always have the highest quality address data – all whilst saving time and lots of money.

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