Fast, automated envelope stuffing
Your mailing is directed at many recipients? Maybe even a few hundred thousand? That too is something we can do quickly. We ensure fast implementation with our state-of-the-art intelligent envelope stuffing machines. Depending on the requirements, a variety of systems ensure that the individual components of your mailing are assessed for accuracy of content or combined if required and placed safely into the correct envelope.
Our current machine fleet processes all usual formats from C6 to C4. Of course this also includes selective supplement management and precise comparison measurement.

Address and content control with camera reading
Our envelope stuffing systems have a modern matching system with camera reading which makes it possible to place several personalised components into envelopes. A variety of reading methods are possible, including data matrix code and bar code – even clear text can be read and compared.

Individual sheet inserter
With special feed systems we are able to gather, fold and envelope up to XXX individual sheets with all our inserting systems.

Manual envelope stuffing
Everything that cannot be processed by our fleet of machines is processed by us neatly with the help of many busy hands. Whether you desire any particular inserts, product samples and special packaging – our trained hands ensure that this is performed quickly, neatly and on time.

Foil-packaged printing material stands out
The alternative to traditional envelopes is our foil packaging. It makes your catalogues, magazines, brochures or journals stand out straight away. Interest is aroused much more frequently (eye contact) than with an opaque envelope.

Sealing – your product safely enclosed
For various contents the foil is closed through sealing. This allows a variety of content to be held in place, saving space and ensuring that nothing gets lost in transit. Foil packaging gives your CDs, cosmetic products, promotional products, books, catalogues or magazines a strong visual presentation, ensuring that your advertising message is recognised immediately.
Shrinking – well protected and safely packaged
For the safe and clean transport protection of printed material, “shrinking” the foil packaging is the perfect solution. After closing the foil packaging by sealing it in a shrinking foil, this is then briefly heated. This makes the foil contract and enclose its contents fully. With foil packaging using our variety of shrinking foils, your catalogues, advertising brochures or books are protected and stabilised for transport. We have shrinking foils in all thicknesses and colours. From transparent to red, green, blue and yellow – every colour is possible.
Black (opaque) foil is also frequently used.

Picking and packing – the most creative picking and packing tasks
You have a special mailing to send out? There are no limits to your creativity here, we have the know-how and the capacities for all conceivable kinds of picking and packing tasks.  Whether automated or by hand, everything is doable.

Application – a great idea
The application of a variety of goodies makes the mailing unmistakable. Application involves the attachment of small product samples or gifts with removable adhesive dots. From high-quality labels and booklets, business and customer cards to CDs and small product samples and gifts.

Collation – the correct order, guaranteed
Depending on the type of the product, we can use a variety of digital printing systems to produce individual brochures in entire production lines which then print different pages in batches in perfect order. These are then collated, stapled and folded.

Pressepost – Postvertriebstücke (preferred periodicals and standard periodicals)
We produce Pressepost and Postvertriebsstücke (preferred periodicals and standard periodicals). On completion, these are bundled ready for delivery. We deliver these bundles directly to Deutsche Post every day. Next day delivery to your recipients is also possible. For this we use an express system. (Separate contract with DHL required)

Banding – combining products
Banding is a sensible way of packaging different brochures, flyers or catalogues with one band into one unit. We band automatically either with brown or white paper, or with transparent foil.

Bundling – your product bundled into one unit
Of course we also offer bundling. This packaging method is sensible for sturdier printed products. The printed material is ensured to be post-compliant, bundled using a PP-strap and then dispatched.

Postage optimisation – always the most cost-efficient way
We see through the daily postage jungle with its many different options. By appropriately processing and sorting the print data and in connection with our postal logistics, your mailings will always be sent using the most cost-efficient method.

Postage optimisation for DIALOGPOST
DIALOGPOST is one of the most cost-efficient mailing options. Suitable for mass mailings such as form letters or mailings and newsletters. To maximise the postage saving, some pre-sorting and grouping of the letters is required. We analyse the corresponding addresses and sort the letters so you can save the maximum amount.

Consolidation – this is where to find postage discounts
For the consolidation we bundle the mailings of several customers and pre-sort them using Deutsche Post criteria. This additional effort makes it possible to achieve considerable postage discounts, a large proportion of which will come back to you. Attention: When using consolidation, the postage will however be subject to VAT.

POSTAKTUELL – Mailings without addresses
No addresses are required to send your mailing as POSTAKTUELL. Depending on the target group, the mailings are delivered nationwide or to households in targeted areas in Germany. You can select from “to all households” or “to all households with daily post”. Delivery is always made between Tuesday to Friday. Households with “no advertising” stickers do not receive any mailings.

POSTWURFSPEZIAL (direct mail special)
Even more combination options for the selection criteria are available for the mailing type Postwurfspezial (direct mail special).
Here it is possible to evaluate target groups down to building level, considerably minimising scatter losses.

POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals) – direct, fast, reliable
Another cost-effective mailing method for press mailings is the Postvertriebsstück (preferred periodicals). No commercial advertising is permitted for this and the publication purpose must be fulfilled. At least 30% of the content must have a purely informative character free from advertising.

DIALOGPOST National – cost-effective and efficient
The mailing method DIALOGPOST National provides the option of sending addressed advertising letters, catalogues, books, brochures, newspapers and magazines in a particularly cost-effective way. With the addition of free samples, small promotional articles or leaflets, including from other senders, you can considerably enhance your DIALOGPOST.
Please note: Delivery to the post office can be made daily. The mailing is then delivered by post the day after. E + 4.

DIALOGPOST International
International mailings with 50 or more units with identical content can be sent with DIALOGPOST International at favourable conditions – all over the world.

DAILY POST – saving time and resources
You can save a lot of time and resources every day by outsourcing your daily mail dispatch to us. We handle your daily mail dispatch. Even invoices, reminders, invitations, confirmations or account statements are processed and dispatched accurately and reliably on the same day.

With the classic daily post we determine the standards for your daily post or business post together with you. Your data is transmitted daily using our encrypted server or via email. All necessary processing steps, from printing and folding to envelope stuffing and franking, are processed on the same day. Of course the items are delivered to the post office on the same day.

We also handle the posting of your printed materials or mailings. We deliver to the distribution centres of Deutsche Post AG several times a day.

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