Output Management is the distribution of information throughout the company, physically and electronically. We are talking about very important and complex processes, which are a central topic. These documents are for e.g. invoices, reminders, delivery notes, bank statements, profit statements, certificates,… we call them also transaction documents. The physical creation is called transaction printing, an important but rather annoying process for you. With professional equipment, the creation is fast and reliable and with an outstanding quality. By converting from simplex to duplex printing we reduce the paper consumption and postal charges and protect the environment. The delivery is carried out under the premise of postage optimization and/or consolidation, whereby the printing costs are often already covered by the postage savings. The savings potential of your process costs is not even considered. The implementation is very easy for you, we adapt to your system. You do not need to adjust anything on your system. Whether you provide us raw data or preformatted data (e.g. PDF).

  • Data transfer/ data preparation
  • Postage optimization / e-franking
  • PDF archiving
  • Electronic dispatch
  • Printing (color / monochrome)
  • Automatic inserting (C6 to C4)
  • Camera reader (data matrix code, OCR, OMR, barcode)
  • Documentation

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