You do not have to do everything yourself, when it matters you only have to know who is better and/or cheaper. Whereby we are already at the core issue. We all know the topic of outsourcing from the automotive industry. A car is not to be produced in its complexity by a manufacturer alone. The selling price would be so high, because of the immense costs, that no buyer could be found on the market.

Therefor outsourcing is an important factor when considerable cost savings are associated, when saving of time is necessary, when high flexibility is required (e.g. to make storage capacity available in short term), when the quality can be increased by a specialist, when resources must be released for the core business or when the risk minimization by economic fluctuations is in demand. We offer you our outsourcing services for the areas of parcel and logistics, lettershop, digital printing, output management, fulfillment and postal services. Look at the individual columns.
The choosing of the outsourcing partner should be done very carefully. We‘d be only too happy to analyze with you whether the outsourcing project is useful or not. At the same time we discuss with you very clearly what and to what extent to be outsourced, what conditions and criteria are to be observed, who controls these, over which period we talk etc .. We are very interested in a long-term partnership, which does not have to end in a long-term contract. Rather we build on a trustworthy and enjoyable collaboration, which is automatically extended because of a win-win situation.

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